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31 Glorious Trends That Tragically Didn't Make A Comeback In 2015

So. Much. Satin.

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The world saw its fair share of celeb fashion moments in 2015. Taylor Swift and her #squad jumped at every available opportunity to show off the fact that they ~never go out of style~...


5. Speaking of girl bands: Beyoncé and her mates sadly did not feel the need to reappropriate your grandma's curtains as dresses at this year's Grammys.


10. Style icons no longer show up to events celebrating the fashion industry wearing what is probably an actual vintage prom dress from the '80s.


11. You definitely wouldn't see Kim Kardashian wearing brown leggings, a matching metallic bag, and gradient sunglasses on the red carpet in 2015.


20. Back in 2001, Beyoncé knew that patterns were the way forward. Especially matching your patterns with your bandmates.


21. In fact, the early '00s were an amazing time for matching outfits. In 2003, Will and Jada Smith knew that wearing coordinating leather goods was ~the~ way to secure your status as Hollywood royalty.

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