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    Cole Sprouse Has Revealed His Halloween Costume For This Year And It's Actually Perfect

    Cody Martin is all grown up.

    You probably remember Cole Sprouse as one half of the Sprouse twins, who were all over our TV screens in the mid-'00s as Zack and Cody in The Suite Life.

    You probably also remember him as Ben Geller, Ross's son in Friends.


    But you might not know that Cole is totally hot now.

    So when Cole shared pictures of his completed Halloween costume on Twitter yesterday, the swooning continued.

    Yep, he's going as Milo from probably the most underrated Disney movie ever, Atlantis.

    Because this is quite possibly the most accurate Halloween costume of all time.


    And it just keeps getting better and better.

    BRB, swooning for days on end.


    Here's my finished #MiloThatch halloween costume! Yes I own a framed picture of Teddy Roosevelt. #Atlantis

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