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    Miley Cyrus Explained The Badass Reason Why She Took Back Her Apology For Posing "Semi-Nude" Aged 15

    "It was everyone else's poisonous thoughts that turned it into something it wasn't meant to be."

    We all know and love Miley Cyrus for being unapologetically herself, but she's definitely seen her fair share of controversy over the last decade-and-a-bit.

    This past Sunday, Miley posted a photo of a 10-year-old headline shaming her for her appearance in a controversial Vanity Fair photoshoot, revoked her apology, and literally said a big "fuck you" to everyone who made her feel ashamed.

    The photo, which was shot by Annie Leibovitz and appeared in the June 2008 issue of Vanity Fair, caused a lot of drama because people were mad that a 15-year-old Miley was posing "semi-nude". At the time, Miley released a statement saying she was "so embarrassed" about her participation in a photoshoot that was "supposed to be 'artistic'".

    In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, Miley explained exactly why she decided to take back her apology a decade after the fact.

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    Speaking about the headline itself, Miley said she thinks "the conversation has changed a lot" over the last ten years, and that a reaction like that wouldn't fly today.

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    She also explained her reason behind apologising for the photo in the first place.

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    And Miley even went so far as to call out the people who saw the photo as problematic, because it wasn't intended to be at all sexual.

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    Damn straight, Miley. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    Here's the rest of the clip in full, and watch the rest of Miley's interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live here.

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