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23 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Explain Your Addiction To Tumblr

The addiction is real.

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1. There's no bigger enemy in your life than the Tumblr staff and their constant updates.

2. And you spend probably way too much of your time thinking and complaining about the way the website has changed since you made an account.

Take me back to the time of Tumblarity, am I right?

3. Seriously though why are the updates so sucky uuuughhh.

4. You realise that it's probably just a sign that you're a liiittle bit older than everyone else on the website.

5. Which means that you are now burdened with RESPONSIBILITIES.

6. And you've basically perfected the art of fitting in with ~the kids~.

7. Because there's definitely more to life than being included in a Follow Forever.

But it just feels so gooood.

8. You realise your addiction has gone too far when you understand meta-memes, like this one...

9. Or you start making reference to them, out loud, without thinking about it.

10. But you can't help it that there's ~literally~ a perfect meme for every single occasion.

11. And they can even lead you to find your soulmate, because people who love memes love people who love memes.

12. And for some reason, they never, ever get old.

13. Your knowledge of popular culture is basically entirely made up of what you've seen in gifsets.

Which makes for some interesting conversations when you can't follow up on your cultural references.

14. You're such a Tumblr veteran by now that you take no prisoners...

15. And you know all too well the feeling of dread when a post you made at 2am starts randomly getting notes.

16. But not even that is as bad as one of your posts blowing up on Facebook.

17. Being super bored and having an empty ask box is a constant struggle...

18. Because you definitely feel like your followers have a duty to entertain you.

19. Reaching the post limit is the actual worst, but you'll keep scrolling through your dashboard until it lets you reblog again.

20. Because not being able to post doesn't mean you'll actually get off Tumblr.

21. And at this point you've spent so much time on the computer that you might actually become a computer.

Oh well. Technology is the future, right?

22. Every so often, you question why you're still spending time on this website after all these years...

23. But you'll never stop. Because the addiction is real. And at this point, you're in way too deep.