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    These 17 Costumes Will Make You Want To Go As A Harry Potter Character This Halloween

    From the brilliantly simple to the marvellously intricate.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best Harry Potter-inspired Halloween costumes. Here are the adorable, impressive, and totally magical results:

    1. This beautifully illuminated stag Patronus:

    2. This totally inspired Professor Quirrell:

    3. This adorable mini Harry and Hermione:

    4. These characters you love to hate:

    5. As well as these fabulously stylish villains:

    6. These ~fantastic~ costumes:

    7. This totally misunderstood pair:

    8. This professor who can foresee winning the costume contest:

    9. This Harry and his feathery companion:

    10. And their way-too-adorable miniatures:

    11. These Weasley twins and their Wheezes:

    12. This group costume that looks like way too much fun:

    13. This friendly-looking Mandrake, complete with a warning to wear earmuffs:

    14. This unlikely group of friends who'd definitely have fun:

    15. This baby Harry, with a house-proud blanket:

    16. This pair of House Elves, complete with odd socks:

    17. And this brilliantly simple broomstick:

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