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26 Misconceptions All Bi People Want To Set Straight

If this is a phase, it's the longest phase ever.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the most annoying misconceptions they're sick of hearing about bisexuality. Here are some of their responses.

1. First thing's first: No, it's not "just a phase."

CBS / Via

Submitted by Vikky Mathieu.

2. And being bi doesn't mean that we're just indecisive...

NBC / Via

Submitted by rosiea45fa0ad57.

3. Or confused...

TLC / Via

Submitted by erinc14.

4. Or just "experimenting."

Netflix / Via

Submitted by paulinem4e5e91461.

5. We're also not doing it ~for attention~.


Submitted by Hazel Keogh, Facebook.

6. And bi girls don't do it so guys will be more interested.

Universal Pictures / Via

Submitted by Bianka Borbély, Facebook.

7. It's not a requirement that we gain experience with both guys and girls before we can officially decide we're bi.


Submitted by bcdbff.

8. It also doesn't mean that we have both a boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time.


Submitted by lilyannl.

9. And we're also not necessarily attracted to both genders in equal measure.

Disney / Via

"It's not a 50/50 thing. I tend to be attracted to men more than women, but I'm still bi."

Submitted by Abby Morris, Facebook.

10. Bi people aren't more likely to cheat on our significant others just because we get "bored."

FOX / Via

"I'm tired of everyone saying I am going to cheat on my husband because I won't be able to stay away from women too."

Submitted by hollycastle.

11. And being attracted to both sexes doesn't mean that we have a crush on every single person we meet.

Gramercy Pictures

Submitted by Adrianna M.

12. Just because we've only dated members of the opposite sex — or are currently dating a member of the opposite sex — that doesn't make us straight.

Netflix / Via

"Yes, I married a man. No, that doesn't mean I'm straight. It means I'm no longer single."

Submitted by Amber Bass, Facebook.

13. Just like dating a member of the same sex doesn't make us gay.


"I identified as bisexual before I started dating anyone, and people told me I was 'clearly' straight and just looking for attention. Years later, because I've only been in a long-term relationship with a woman, the same people tell me I'm 'clearly' a lesbian."

Submitted by softbuff.

14. And we're not just biding our time until we're ~ready~ to come out as gay.

FOX / Via

"They just assume that I'm not sure if I'm gay yet. As if I'm deciding when I'll finally go all in and be gay."

Submitted by kristens45622b3dd.

15. That being said, coming out as bi doesn't make attraction to the opposite sex a new thing for us.


"I've been attracted to women for my entire life. Deciding to disclose that information with the world doesn't mean I'm just now figuring out my identity."

Submitted by Dana Vigue, Facebook.

16. And, yes: We do still have to come out.

NBC / Via

"People think bisexuals don't even have to come out of the closet – it's just announcing that you don't give a fuck."

Submitted by katie10925.

17. Because our lives aren't made easier just because we can "pass as straight."

Sky / Via

"Whatever privilege you may think I have is totally leveled out by the bi-erasure and people not believing my sexuality even exists."

Submitted by kathrynr49612163a.

18. Bisexuality definitely does not equal promiscuity.

Universal Pictures

"It's incredibly annoying to hear that all bisexual people are promiscuous and we're only bi to get with more people."

Submitted by haleyb4d0121d3f.

19. And it's also not the same thing as polyamory.

BBC America / Via

Submitted by leftrightwrong.

20. Not all of us are into more ~kinky~ stuff.

Lifetime / Via

"People fetishise being bisexual, and it's so gross and dehumanising."

Submitted by fyeahrandaj.

21. And it is totally possible to be bisexual and an introvert.

20th Century Fox

"I'm an introvert. I would have way more fun staying in and having a movie marathon than I would going out and trying to 'steal' people's boyfriends or girlfriends. There are all different types of bisexual people. Don't generalise us."

Submitted by amandak4a1a71b1a.

22. We're also not just jumping on the trendy bisexual bandwagon.

Summit Entertainment / Via

Submitted by Nashira Nichole Pizarro Diaz, Facebook.

23. We don't appreciate being asked "who's better in bed"...

The Weinstein Company / Via

Submitted by Adilça Rodrigues Soares, Facebook.

24. Or which gender we actually prefer...

DreamWorks Pictures

Submitted by bumblewolf.

25. Or being told that we'll eventually "pick a side."

Netflix / Via

Submitted by Sasha Bee, Facebook.

26. Because bisexuality is a very, very real thing. And it's kind of the best.


Submitted by abbyxox.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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