Lisa Kudrow Explained Why Matthew Perry Stole This "Friends" Prop For Her And It's Hilarious

    "We get done shooting, and Matthew said, 'Did you point to the cookie jar and say look at the time?'"

    We all know and love Lisa Kudrow for her role as Phoebe Buffay on Friends.

    So, as someone who was born in the same year as Friends began, and therefore spent a lot of my childhood watching it, when Lisa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday from her home office, there was one thing I noticed immediately in the background.

    Well, actually, I first noticed the Friends cast bobbleheads that look absolutely nothing like them.

    But I also noticed a very familiar cookie jar sitting on one of the shelves in Lisa's background.

    Yep, it's the very same cookie jar that appears in the background of countless episodes, and is a permanent fixture in Monica's kitchen.

    During the episode, Lisa revealed how she came to own the prop, explaining that it was actually a series wrap gift from co-star Matthew Perry.

    Apparently, the cookie jar caused some hilarity years before the show ended, when Lisa had a line that required her to check the time and quickly leave the apartment.

    "My line was: 'Ooh, I'd better get going!' Like, 'Ooh, I'm late, I'd better get going,'" Lisa explained. "Except I didn't have a watch, and we were shooting it when I realised it was too late."

    "As the words were coming out, I go, 'Oh good, there's a clock,'" she said. "And I gestured to that."

    While Lisa said she was very grateful for the gift, she did have some concerns — namely that the Friends crew were notoriously strict about taking things from set.

    You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip in full here:

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