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    21 Problems You Have As A Brit Studying Abroad In America

    Welcome to the land of sharing rooms and $200 textbooks.

    1. Firstly, it takes what feels like a decade to get to your new university.

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    2. And as soon as you get there, you're basically forced to get involved in activities.

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    Ugh. There was none of this at home.

    3. And you also have to meet your roommate. Which means you're sharing a room. The room that you sleep in.

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    Sharing? I'm paying $10,000 a semester to SHARE?!

    4. Who will inevitably start mimicking your accent.

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    5. If you don't know where the parties are during orientation, you're likely to end up sitting in an auditorium watching an amateur hypnotist.

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    6. And if you do find out where the party's at, it'll just end up being busted by police within the first hour.

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    7. Because underage drinking is a real thing again, and you definitely forgot what a pain it was.

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    8. And even if you are over the legal drinking age, the alcohol definitely isn't up to par.

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    Why is all the beer "LITE"?

    9. When classes start, you seem to have them every day, and that hasn't happened to you since school.

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    You mean I don't get at least two days off? What kind of a fascist regime is this?

    10. And not only do you suddenly have a shit ton more assignments...


    You want me to write five whole papers in one semester? PLUS a reading list? Are you joking?

    11. ...But you also have to pay about $2,000 just for one semester's reading list.

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    I could buy an entire tree and make my own textbooks for that much.

    12. You end up eating way more than usual, because the dining hall is right there, and it feels so free.

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    All pizza, all the time.

    13. But you are distraught at the lack of roast dinners.

    14. And that stuff they call "bacon".

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    Bacon is supposed to have actual meat on it, FYI.

    15. And you definitely miss getting a greasy portion of chips to soak up the alcohol after a night out.

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    Let's face it, fries just aren't the same.

    16. You thought you'd be travelling all over the country and seeing new places, but it turns out everything is at least five hours away.

    17. And if you want to get to a different state, you'll probably have to go by plane.

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    That means if you want to visit friends who are studying in different states, it takes a million years to get to them.

    18. And if you're not in a major city, there's never any (good) public transport to get you around the surrounding area.

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    *Finds only person with a car, becomes their best friend.*

    19. If you talk about a "hoover" or a "pavement" or a "trolley", people will look at you like you're an alien.


    20. And nobody ever understands the cultural references you never even realised were British.

    21. But the absolute worst thing about studying abroad in the US is that nobody ever has a fucking kettle.

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    And if one more person tells me to microwave a mug of water, I'm going to have a breakdown.

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