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21 Problems You Have As A Brit Studying Abroad In America

Welcome to the land of sharing rooms and $200 textbooks.

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9. When classes start, you seem to have them every day, and that hasn't happened to you since school.

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You mean I don't get at least two days off? What kind of a fascist regime is this?


13. But you are distraught at the lack of roast dinners.

So you search the #roastdinner tag on Instagram and salivate.

16. You thought you'd be travelling all over the country and seeing new places, but it turns out everything is at least five hours away.

Greyhound buses are about to become your new best friend.


17. And if you want to get to a different state, you'll probably have to go by plane.

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That means if you want to visit friends who are studying in different states, it takes a million years to get to them.

20. And nobody ever understands the cultural references you never even realised were British.

At least they understand Harry Potter. *sighs*