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Khloé Kardashian Is Being Accused Of Teaching Her Child "Toxic Diet Culture" With This Tweet

"Calories and children do not need to be in the same sentence even if it’s a joke."

If you follow Khloé Kardashian on Instagram, you'll be well aware that she's currently on a very luxurious beach vacation with her daughter, True Thompson.

She's spent the last couple of days sharing photos of herself and True lounging on the beach and having fun, and honestly, I can't blame her.

And yesterday, Khloé posted this series of photos of True and her cousin, Chicago West, tucking into some giant bags of Cheetos and veggie straws.

But while the photos were undeniably adorable (and extremely relatable), Khloé's caption has caused some controversy among people in the comments.

Several people accused Khloé or promoting "diet culture" to her young child, calling the caption "concerning" and "toxic".

"For the love of God please never actually say this around a little girl," one person wrote.

The conversation continued on Twitter, where Khloé posted three of the photos again with the same caption.

Chi: I heard my mama say “vacation calories don’t count” True: Don’t tell me twice Chi

The replies were flooded with people saying the joke was inappropriate, and encouraging Khloé to "be careful" of what she's teaching her child.

@khloekardashian hey not trying to be a bitch and i completely understand this is a joke, but even things said in passing can have massive affect on young minds. be careful what you’re teaching! counting calories is rarely a healthy thing, if ever! ❤️

@khloekardashian Calories and children do not need to be in the same sentence even if it’s a joke

@khloekardashian Very cute photo but uploading photos of babies eating then talking about counting calories is so weird.

Some people said the caption reflects the kind of thinking that results in young people growing up with insecurities regarding their bodies.

yes KWEEN we love teaching babies to count calories and grow up with body dysmorphia and major insecurities 😍😍😍

calorie countin straight out the womb but god only knows why they grow up insecure n have endless plastic surgery. it’s a mystery

But others said people shouldn't take the joke so seriously.

Why people vex about the calorie counting joke as the caption? It’s a joke. Just like how we would always use Gavin’s pics for memes. Or any other pic of a kid who has a relatable facial expression. Remove the enormous poles from your asses.

@khloekardashian People really mad over a calorie joke like if these kids can even read the tweet lol

A representative for Khloé Kardashian has been contacted for comment.