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    Kate Winslet Says She Never Had A Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio And I Have Questions

    Sounds fake but OK.

    Hello! Allow me to introduce you to Leonardo DiCaprio from the '90s.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio from the '90s starred in an obscure movie you probably haven't heard of called Titanic opposite a little-known actress called Kate Winslet.

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    The film Titanic turns 20 this year, but Leo and Kate still hang out regularly because they are BFFs. Also they are flawless and everyone lowkey ships them.

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    But Kate just revealed something major about her relationship with '90s Leonardo DiCaprio and honestly, I have some questions.

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    In an interview on ITV's Lorraine this morning, Kate claimed that she NEVER HAD A CRUSH ON '90S LEO.

    "I think for Leo and I it was seven months of very intense work, we were both really very young," Kate said on the show. "And luckily, and this was the fortunate thing, we never fancied each other! I know that’s really annoying to hear, sorry. We really never did. So it did mean that we were able to tease each other, which we still do, which is really amazing."

    OK, sure, Kate. But here are my questions for you...

    Question 1: WHAT???

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    Question 2: HOW?????

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    Question 3: ARE YOU SURE???????

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    Question 4: HAVE YOU ACTUALLY SEEN HIM?????????

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    Question 5: ARE YOU OK???????????

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    I rest my case.

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