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    Kate Middleton Was Asked If She's Having A Fourth Baby And Her Response Was Perfect

    Apparently Kate's feeling "broody".

    We all know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three childrenPrince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — are one seriously adorable family.

    The royal couple welcomed Louis in April last year, and George and Charlotte are five and three years old.

    But despite the fact it's been less than a year since she gave birth to her third child, it looks like Kate is already thinking about baby number four.

    During an appearance in Northern Ireland on Thursday, Kate met a five-month-old baby and, according to People, told his father the "gorgeous" baby made her "feel broody".

    But when the baby's father asked if that meant Kate was thinking about baby number four, she simply laughed it off.

    "I think William would be a little worried," she apparently replied.

    At least we know for sure we've got one royal baby to look forward to. 👑