Kate Beckinsale Opened Up About An Incident With Harvey Weinstein Where He "Screamed" At Her For Wearing A Suit To A Premiere

    Beckinsale said Weinstein "screamed" at her after she failed to wear a "tight dress" to the premiere of her 2001 film Serendipity.

    Kate Beckinsale has shared her story of being verbally abused by Harvey Weinstein in an Instagram post published hours after he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault.

    In the post, Beckinsale said the incident happened the day after the New York premiere for her 2001 film Serendipity, which was distributed by Weinstein's company Miramax.

    She continued to say that "the minute the door closed", Weinstein began "screaming" that she had ruined his premiere because she wore a suit instead of a "tight dress".

    "Hearing that he has gone to prison for 23 years is a huge relief to me on behalf of all the women he sexually assaulted or raped," Beckinsale said.

    Beckinsale's Instagram post comes after several other women in Hollywood posted on social media celebrating Weinstein's sentencing, including actors Mira Sorvino and Rose McGowan, who were among those who accused him.

    23 years. Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his crimes of rape and sexual assault. I literally cried tears of amazement, gratitude that the justice system has worked on behalf of all of his victims today.

    McGowan, who was one of the first to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault and rape in 2017, simply tweeted: "Let us be free."