People Are Not Happy With Justin Bieber After He Posted A Picture With Cornrows

    Justin came to Kylie Jenner's defence after she was photographed with cornrows in July last year.

    People are not happy with Justin Bieber after he posted this photo to Instagram, saying that his reported girlfriend Hailey Baldwin "made [him] get corn rows like an absolute douche bag".

    He also posted this photo to his Shots account.

    People on Twitter – including Bieber's fans – have since called out the singer for cultural appropriation:

    Hasn't one of your friends educated you on why cultural appropriation isn't right?, honestly don't be like this I stg @justinbieber

    Every time I warm to @justinbieber he does something dumb like get cornrows

    cultural appropriation:) thanks for promoting it:)))))) @justinbieber

    Some people did come to his defence, however.

    Idk man, I wouldn't be so quick to say Justin Bieber with cornrows is cultural appropriation.

    I think Bieber looks fly with cornrows

    Oh, Spencer.

    This isn't the first time Justin has been involved in something like this. In July of last year, the musician came to Kylie Jenner's defence after she posted a similar photo to her Instagram account.

    Justin commented on the photo after Kylie was criticised for her hairstyle, arguing that "saying she's being racist because she wants her hair in braids is ridiculous".

    He was also criticised back in 2014 after a video surfaced of him telling a racist joke, for which he issued a formal apology.

    Looks like some people aren't going to forgive and forget this time.