The Jonas Brothers Just Released Songs About Sophie Turner And Priyanka Chopra And I'm Crying

    I didn't want to cry today, but here we are.

    Today the Jonas Brothers made all my teenage dreams come true by releasing their first studio album in almost exactly 10 years.

    It includes bops like "Strangers", "Don't Throw It Away", and obviously "Sucker", but I'm here to talk about the songs that left me crying into my morning cereal, because I obviously listened to the whole thing as soon as I woke up.

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    During an interview with Billboard back in April, the band revealed that two of the songs — "Hesitate" and "I Believe" — were respectively about Joe's relationship with Sophie Turner and Nick's with Priyanka Chopra.

    And now that we're able to listen to the lyrics, we can confirm that both songs are devastatingly adorable and I'm never going to get over either of them.

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    First of all, "Hesitate" is a song about protecting the person you love and helping them carry their burdens.

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    And it makes sense because Turner has been open in the past about how Joe helped her through some difficult times.

    And, not to be emotional, but the lyrics of the song also suggest that Turner did the same for Joe.

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    Meanwhile, "I Believe" is about Nick's relationship with Priyanka and references the criticism they received for getting married only seven months after they started dating.

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    Something tells me the criticism doesn't bother them too much, to be honest.

    Now excuse me while I stream Happiness Begins on repeat and cry about true love.


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