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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Jonas Brothers' Upcoming Documentary

    "We had to work through and understand what we were going through when we were that young."

    We all got the best news of our lives last week when the Jonas Brothers announced they were reuniting and released their first single in six years, "Sucker".

    They've basically been blessing us every day since, from a music video to recreations of old memes to an entire week of Late Late Show episodes dedicated to their reunion (yes, including a "Carpool Karaoke" segment).

    But that's not all! Yesterday, the brothers announced they'll be releasing a documentary about their lives, their careers, and their decision to get back together.

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    Here's everything we know about the documentary so far...

    1. Joe, Nick, and Kevin started filming for the documentary about a year and a half ago, when they had no intention of reuniting as a band.

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    "The documentary tracks our childhood into our time with the band," Nick explained during a Late Late Show appearance. "It was going to be a story about where we are today, and that was separate lives, doing separate things — Joe with DNCE, and me with my solo stuff."

    2. In fact, getting together to film the documentary was a big reason why they ended up making new music.

    3. The brothers describe the process of filming as a kind of "therapy" after they broke up in 2013 citing a "deep rift within the band".

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    "We've literally spent a year basically doing therapy, kind of working through some things and figuring out what this next chapter should look like," Nick said. "We've had to be really open and honest, and there are things from the past that I think bothered us from time to time."

    4. And it looks like we might get an explanation as to what that rift was ~actually~ all about.

    5. It'll also include insight from the rest of the Jonas family.

    6. When it's released, the documentary will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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    In a statement, the band said they wanted to make sure the film would be able to "reach [their] fans around the world", while head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke called it "very personal" and an "intimate and compelling documentary".

    7. They're also partnering with Philymack, who produced the Demi Lovato documentary Simply Complicated.

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    The one thing we don't know yet is when the documentary will be released — but let's hope it's soon.

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    And let's hope it's as iconic as The 3D Concert Experience.

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