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    Here's How Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Plan To Celebrate Their First Wedding Anniversary In Quarantine

    "If you can keep a secret, I might try to recreate Vegas in our house," Joe said on the Late Late Show this week.

    In the kind of wholesome news we all need to hear right now, today marks one year since everyone's fave celebrity couple, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, got married in Vegas!

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    If you cast your mind back, you'll remember that the two got married at a wedding chapel after leaving the Billboard Music Awards, and the ceremony featured an Elvis impersonator, giant ring pops as wedding bands, and Diplo.

    Of course, the couple also had a more formal ceremony at the Chateau Martinay in France a month later — but, since today is ~technically~ their anniversary, they have some big plans to celebrate, even while in coronavirus quarantine.

    In an interview with James Corden on the Late Late Show this week, Joe revealed he was planning to surprise Sophie by recreating their Vegas wedding at home.

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    "It's our Vegas anniversary," Joe said. "We used to be the couple who, every few days we would celebrate. It'd be like, we've been dating for a week, we'd have a party, or we'd have a big dinner. We were that nauseating couple. I think we've chilled out a bit."

    "The Vegas one — I think we would've gone back to Vegas," he said of their plans for their first wedding anniversary. "So, if you can keep a secret, I might try to recreate Vegas in our house."

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    "I have a DJ setup, so we could do a nightclub," Joe said, before James suggested he dresses up as Elvis.

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    "I could be like that Elvis, and just start doing interviews," Joe went on, throwing some shade at the Elvis impersonator who officiated their Vegas wedding. "You could call in, and I could pretend to be him."

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    "I imagine you could get that Elvis to get on a Zoom in on a FaceTime call with you," James responded.

    To which Joe replied: "This time I'll make sure he signs an NDA."

    However they decide to celebrate, a huge happy anniversary to our faves — and here's to many more! 💖🥂

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    Watch Joe's full Late Late Show interview here:

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