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Sophie Turner’s “Game Of Thrones” Body Double Looked So Much Like Her It Even Fooled Joe Jonas

The Olsen twins have some competition.

We all know Sophie Turner is a queen, both in the North and just in general, TBH.

We also all know she is one-half of the greatest celebrity couple to ever exist, alongside her husband, Joe Jonas.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Literally every story I read about them makes me love them even more, and this one I’m about to tell you is no different.

So, during a recent interview on Australian radio station Nova, Sophie was asked about working with stunt doubles on X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Sophie said, when you get close, they don’t actually look that much like her — after all, they’re mainly there to do the dangerous stunts from a distance.

They don’t really look like me. First of all, they’re much fitter, much more muscle, and just better looking aesthetically in general. I mean, their hair is red.

But, apparently, on Game of Thrones she did have a photo double that looked so similar to her, it actually made people do double (lol) takes.


A photo double is different from a stunt double — they’re the ones who stand in when an actor is in the background rather than being the main focus of a scene, so it’s more important that they look similar to the actors.

And apparently Sophie’s GoT photo double was such a good lookalike that they even fooled her own husband.

Disney Channel

“Even Joe went up to her at one point and tried to give her a kiss,” Sophie revealed. “He was like, ‘Oh, sorry, sorry! It’s not Sophie!’”

It looks like the Olsen twins have some competition.

Warner Bros.

You can listen to Sophie’s interview in full here.

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