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Jameela Jamil Is Being Dragged For Saying Her New Ad Campaign Is "Inclusive"

"What really hurts is that Jameela has been lifting up fat voices on IG and stuff but then ... we are abandoned and gaslit into thinking we should be grateful."

Yesterday, Jameela Jamil announced she'd be partnering with clothing brand Aerie as part of their new campaign, which boasts inclusivity and no retouched photos.

Jameela has been vocal in the past about her belief that people should love themselves as they are. She even created a body positive Instagram account, I Weigh, to encourage women to value their achievements rather than basing self-worth on appearance alone.

But some people weren't impressed with the way Jameela announced her new partnership with Aerie. "No retouching and inclusive of everyone," she wrote, captioning a photo showing herself, Busy Philipps, and Samira Wiley.

So excited to announce that I am joining @Aerie as an #aerierolemodel and got to stand next to so many women I love and admire at our shoot. No retouching and inclusive of everyone. #aeriepartner. ❤️❤️❤️

People were quick to point out that there was no way such a small group of women could represent ~everyone~ — especially considering the brand only sells sizes up to XXL.

looool aerie only sells up to XXL and that size is only available online. thin people think this is inclusivity https://t.co/Xgk9mIqTnW

what really hurts is that Jameela has been lifting up fat voices on IG and stuff but then when it gets down to making money we are abandoned and gaslit into thinking we should be grateful

And not a SINGLE fat woman in sight. @jameelajamil everyone; singlehandedly destroying the #bodypositivity movement one bullshit post at a time. https://t.co/bxeYDhPT8E

"U can't call a campaign progressive if everyone is the same body type?" one person wrote.

uh i love jameela jamil and all but u cant call a campaign progressive if everyone is the same body type? you cant tick every box bar one and pretend that box is ticked by having a girl with a big butt on it? like idc so much abt lack of representation but dont pretend its there

i love jameela jamil and i do think that when talking about body positivity we leave out that EVERYONE is influences by the world’s hatred of fatness, but i really wish she would also shift focus on to less culturally acceptable bodies occasionally.

When she was called out on her use of the word "inclusive", Jameela hit back by listing the ways in which the campaign represents a diverse range of women.

@selflovesarah @chavtwink @kaitlynmagic @Loonaverse1 @KhachatourianA Hi, please show me another campaign with a gay woman, a dark skinned black woman, a south Asian, a woman with one leg, a blind woman, sexual assault survivor activists, and a curve lingerie model, and no photoshop... I’ll wait...

And pointed out the importance of her role as a representative for South Asian women.

@thatkat @SophieEggleton Untrue. And please take into account my responsibility to represent south Asians, who I see *so few* people care about making sure we are represented which is why I can name less than 5 big south Asian names in the whole of Hollywood/fashion/music ever.

She also said the brand is working towards more inclusive sizing, but doesn't want to "advertise what they aren't yet able to live up to on such a large scale".

People also objected to Jameela's refusal to identify as a body positive activist and her use of the phrase "life positive", saying it was equal to people who call themselves "humanist" rather than "feminist".

@jameelajamil Did you really say “life positive”? That strikes me as similar to the “I’m not a feminist, I’m a humanist” statement. I really like you and respect your work, Jameela, but your tweet about representing “everyone” hurt, and this isn’t helping.

But she did eventually apologise for her words, explaining that by inclusivity she meant "disability, ethnicity, colourism, blindness, sexual assault survivors, and LGBTQ inclusion".

@selflovesarah Sorry. I meant disability, ethnicity, colourism, blindness, sexual assault survivors, and lgbtq inclusion. Also they are working to be better with sizing. ❤️

She even said she wanted to delete the original tweet, but decided against it so she and other people could learn from her mistake.

@hollyshortall Read all my other tweets from the day. I’m only not deleting this tweet out of respect to the the people who object to it. So that my mistake can be learned from rather than washed over. ❤️

And while some people continued to drag her...

Others praised her for apologising and owning up to her mistakes.

Good on @jameelajamil for always owning her mistakes. It’s impossible to always get it right and be 100% ‘woke’. We all just need to learn and try, and accept we will get it wrong along the way but know that we will be better because of it.

BuzzFeed has contacted representatives for Aerie. Reps for Jameela Jamil had no further comment.