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    11 Photos That Will Infuriate Book Lovers, Then 11 More To Make It All Better

    This is a rollercoaster of emotion.

    1. When a brand new book arrives looking like this, it feels like a literal punch in the chest.

    2. So take a deep breath, and imagine organising those brand new books in a perfect rainbow, like this.

    3. There's nothing worse than getting halfway through a super-long book, and accidentally cracking its spine.

    4. So feel calm in the knowledge that these beautiful spines could never be cracked.

    5. This book that's been attacked by a dog will probably make you swear off pets for life.

    6. But it's OK – who needs pets when you can surround yourself with beautiful, meticulously organised bookshelves?

    7. We've all done it: You curl up with a good book, a blanket, and a cup of tea, which you then promptly spill all over the pages.

    8. So here are some beautifully clean pages to soothe your soul.

    9. This library had to start a book hospital to deal with all the damaged books that get returned, and I'm upset just thinking about it.

    10. So instead I'm going to think about these beautifully packed library shelves just waiting to be explored.

    11. We all have those books whose pages get all messed up when they're being made. It's truly upsetting.

    12. So please enjoy this photo of the most perfect pages I've ever seen.

    13. This ripped, torn, and battered book has me feeling how it looks.

    14. So I'm going to calm myself down by appreciating the way the sunlight is perfectly hitting these shelves.

    15. Everyone loves an old book. But sometimes we can love them a little bit ~too~ much.

    16. So here are some satisfyingly perfect brand new books to enjoy instead. And never open. Ever.

    17. Some people may love to annotate their books, but let's be honest, writing in a book is SACRILEGE.

    18. [Breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing these beautiful, blank pages.]

    19. If you're a Harry Potter fan, the sight of this well-loved copy will be more than distressing to you.

    20. So just look at this beautifully blue collection of Potter books instead. So calming. So Ravenclaw.

    21. These books were so well-loved they had to have surgery to remove their jackets, and just thinking about the pages falling apart is making me itch.

    22. So instead I'm going to think about these gorgeous covers just waiting to be collected.

    BRB, the bookstore is calling.