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Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweeted This British Naked Dating Show And It's Obviously Hilarious

"It's zooming in on penis and balls."

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Hello! This is model, TV personality, and reigning queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen:

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

And this is Naked Attraction, a British dating show in which contestants are asked to choose who they want to go out with based on seeing only the genitalia of their potential dates.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 / BuzzFeed

PLEASE NOTE that in the actual show the penises and vaginas aren't censored, and are just displayed on the screens of your TVs, laptops, and mobile devices with reckless abandon. I'm sorry.

Yesterday Chrissy, her husband John Legend, and their daughter Luna all flew to London because John was playing a show.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

And it seems like she stumbled across an episode of Naked Attraction while flicking through channels. So, of course, she proceeded to live tweet it.

Uh there is something called Naked Attraction on here in london and WHAT TF IS THIS it's dating based on genitals. Like I'm seeing pp's

It's safe to say that she was mildly concerned about the contents of the show.

Oh my god they are just looking at genitalia. It's zooming in on penis and balls

She had sympathy for the contestants.

I would die if I were the first person eliminated based strictly on genitals

Except Josh.

Josh: "if I could change one thing about myself it'd probably be uhhh my uhhh feet they're uhhh too big heh heh" oh wow josh


And, at one point, her room service was delivered and she had to change the channel and pretend to be watching tennis.

Room service came and I had to pretend to be watching tennis

Although, apparently, Naked Attraction miraculously didn't put her off British TV for life.

"celebs go dating" celebrity dating agency 😂 I'm never leaving the UK