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Cole Sprouse Had The Best Response To One Of Those "Where Are They Now" Articles

The reigning king of Twitter has spoken.

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This is Cole Sprouse. You probably know him as Jughead in Riverdale, Ben in Friends, or Cody in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Instagram: @colesprouse

You may also know him as being consistently hilarious on Twitter.

Like for cole. Retweet but also for cole.

Why are you posting pictures a paparazzi took of you? That's the lowest rung of Instagram husband.

Just trying to give you all the content you deserve: shit.


But his latest tweet may be his best one yet.

The CW /


OK, so, many moons ago, when it was the '90s, Cole played a kid in an Adam Sandler movie called Big Daddy. The name hasn't aged well. Let's not talk about it.

Columbia Pictures

As a result, his face is often featured in those weird clickbait-y ads that will probably give your computer a virus if you click on them.

Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @colesprouse

And he had the best response to this particular headline.


Never change, Cole.