17 Completely Ridiculous Victoria Beckham Moments No One Else Could Get Away With

    *sticks leg in the air*

    1. Just relax on a bed in Cannes wearing sunglasses while you wait for your foil face mask to work its magic.

    2. Casually hang out with Eva Longoria in the most casual possible way.

    3. Fill up a paddling pool for your kids while looking like you just stepped off a catwalk.

    4. And do some fashionable vacuuming on an actual catwalk.

    5. Spot a giant bull statue while you're in a restaurant in Vegas and decide to ride it alongside your personal hair stylist, obviously.

    6. Head over to your personal vineyard with your husband, David Beckham, to check your grapes.

    7. Just chill out on the couch like this while you're doing your nails.

    8. Or catching up on social media.

    9. Order a latte and have the barista incorporate your family name into the latte art.

    10. Throw up a peace sign with some fans, but only if they stand behind a glass wall.

    11. Ride in a black cab with your name on it.

    12. Congratulate Kim Kardashian on her great costume that one time she dressed up as you for Halloween.

    13. Rollerskate around Barney's in New York like it's totally no big deal.

    14. Play dress-up with your baby daughter in some Prada heels.

    15. Stop the airport security line to take a photo because you once had a song called "Stop" that did pretty well in the charts.

    16. Pose with your son next to a photo you had taken while you were pregnant with him. Oh, and the photo was for Vogue.

    17. And, of course, wear an all-white, diamanté-encrusted corset dress – that matches your husband's suit – and completely get away with it.

    All hail Queen V 🙌🏻👑🙌🏻👑🙌🏻