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Here's What Your Favourite YouTubers Looked Like In Their First Video

Needless to say, they've all upped their camera game.

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Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Making videos since: 2009

Subscribers: 8,700,000+

The now ultra-famous Zoella's first video was her take on the crazy-popular old-school YouTube fad of filming yourself holding up random items in your room. Watch it here!


Tanya Burr (pixi2woo)

Making videos since: 2009

Subscribers: 3,100,000+

With the help of her sisters-in-law, Nik and Sam of pixiwoo, Tanya's first video was a makeup tutorial inspired by Blake Lively's character Serena in Gossip Girl. Watch it here!

Kingsley (ItsKingsleyBitch)

Making videos since: 2009

Subscribers: 3,060,000+

The first available video on King's channel is of him explaining that he was hacked and all of his old videos were deleted. But, in traditional Kingsley style, he manages to be completely hilarious about it. Watch it here!


Sammi Maria (beautycrush)

Making videos since: 2009

Subscribers: 1,600,000+

Sammi talks a lot about health and fitness on her channel nowadays, and her first video (filmed in her car?!) was a pretty awkward discussion of her healthy eating tips. Watch it here!

Tyler Oakley (tyleroakley)

Making videos since: 2007

Subscribers: 7,100,000+

Tyler has been making YouTube videos for almost eight years, and his first was of him sitting in his dorm room, talking about the thunderstorm that happened that day. Watch it here!


Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Making videos since: 2006

Subscribers: 4,900,000+

Appropriately titled "HELLO INTERNET", Dan Howell's first proper video (as he puts it) is just a simple introduction to his channel. He talks about how he's decided to "give it a shot" – it worked out quite well for him. Watch it here!


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