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    Oh My God Adele Is Officially Going On Tour With "25"

    Hello from the other siiiiide...because I'm literally dead right now.

    Adele, queen of all of our lives, has just officially won 2015 by announcing that she's going to be going on tour with her new album, 25.

    Go to for details

    Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, Adele reveals that she's been "bluffing the whole time" and she is, of course, going on tour.

    Tour dates have been announced on Adele's official website, beginning in February and ending in June 2016.

    The tour is currently ~conveniently~ set to end a few days before Glastonbury, which has led fans to speculate that Adele may be in the running to headline the festival...

    Adele's tour runs up to a week before Glastonbury hmmmm...

    Adele nailed on for Glastonbury then

    Advance tickets will go on sale to members on the 1st and 2nd of December.

    As of yet, no dates across the US and other continents have been announced, and fans are losing their minds.

    when adele's tour release is in Europe, not America. 😩😩

    @Adele 😍😍😍 you must do a latin america tour, seriously you MUST haha ❤❤❤❤

    Dear @Adele i hope there's gonna be asia tour dates thank you & i love youuuuuu


    See a full list of tour dates and find more information on Adele's official website.