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22 Times People Met Celebrities And It Was Really, Really Lovely

"Bill Nye the Science Guy introduced me to my fiancé."

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about some of their loveliest and most heartwarming celebrity encounters. Here are some of their most moving responses.

1. "My mom had a big crush on John Krasinski. He was filming not too far away from our house, so I took my mom there in hopes of meeting him. His assistant came out to thank a fan for bringing him a gift, saw my mom, and left. Next thing we know, out comes John Krasinski himself. My mom was very obviously in the midst of chemo treatment ... She died shortly after, but I am forever grateful to John Krasinski for making my mom so happy in the midst of her battle with cancer."

Submitted by Lia204.

2. "I met Retta in Boston before an Aziz Ansari show. I was so nervous when I approached her, but told her that I was a huge fan of hers and would be so grateful for a picture. She said, 'GIRL, don't be nervous, TREAT YO'SELF!' really loudly, and then I almost fainted."

Submitted by Katie Lee, Facebook.

3. "Three years ago I won a meet and greet with Ed Sheeran. I had been going through a lot of personal things and his music had really helped me ... When I met him I started to tell him how much he meant to me and I started crying. He immediately pulled me into a hug and said, 'Hey, it's gonna be OK. Just try to stay happy for me, alright?' To this day those words have stuck with me. He was such a genuinely kind human being and I'll never forget meeting him."

Submitted by kirsteng4f5712f5a.

4. "Bill Nye the Science Guy was giving a lecture at my college, and I was waiting in line to get a picture with him. I ended up chatting with the guy in front of me for about an hour, because it was an obscenely long line. We were still talking when it was our turn, so Bill Nye thought we were friends and pulled us into the picture together. The photo was me, my friend, Bill Nye, and some rando. That was five years ago, and rando and I are getting married in April."

Submitted by Kat Davies, Facebook.

5. "I met Alan Rickman when I was 18. I'd been crazy about him for years, and he was performing in a play in Dublin, so I flew out there with my mum to see it. We saw the play and waited outside the stage door afterwards. He was lovely – he gave me some fantastic advice about auditions ... I remember when I said it was my dream to become an actress, he said, 'Well, you've got to turn that dream into a reality.' They say you should never meet your idols, but I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to meet him. He was so wonderful."

Submitted by Lucy May Orange, Facebook.

6. "A couple of years ago I was at the movies, and I noticed that standing right next to me was Matthew Gray Gubler. I panicked and said, 'Hey, you're that one dude from Alvin and the Chipmunks.' He politely said, 'I am.' Then he pointed out, 'Your socks don't match.' Embarrassed, I replied, 'Yeah, I didn't have any clean socks.' Then he smiled and said, 'It's cool. My socks don't match either.'"

Submitted by lansangl.

7. "My mom is a violinist for Celine Dion and I got to meet her a few years ago. When Celine's twins were born I sewed them handmade stuffed animals, and when we went to the meet and greet she asked who made the dolls. I said I did, and she hugged me and told me that even though she got a lot of expensive gifts, she liked mine best because it came from the heart."

Submitted by marvel4life.

8. "My friend was super nervous and panicky when she met Beyoncé, so Bey held her hand until she felt OK."

Submitted by slightlycrazy06.

9. "I was staying in the same hotel as Oprah, who has been a lifelong hero. Her security got in between us and gave me the eye as she got in the elevator. I said, 'Don't glare at me! I just want to tell her I love her!' She jokingly hit him on the shoulder and said, 'Yeah! Don't glare! I love you too, sweetheart!'"

Submitted by triciak48e857390.

10. "I went to an HMV signing for Halsey, and gave her my present of a whole bunch of Canadian candy. She was so excited and asked if there was a Coffee Crisp in there (which there was). She then continued to say, 'Oh my god, you're my favourite person. You just made my day. They're my favourite and I can only get them here.' We talked about Coffee Crisp the whole time I was there."

Submitted by vanessal472fa44f0.

11. "I met Julie Andrews during my job as a hostess. She was running late for her reservation and was going to a show, so I took her order over the phone. When she got to the restaurant she said, 'A thousand thank-yous and apologies.' Then as she was leaving she slipped $50 into my hand and told me I was amazing. I straight up cried."

Submitted by arieldengrove.

12. "Twelve years ago my family and I were in the British Virgin Islands. It was around 3pm, and we were at a nice restaurant by the water. It was empty except one man sitting in the corner, who turned out to be Morgan Freeman. After a few minutes of us not-so-discreetly trying to confirm it was him, he waved at us and came over to have a nice conversation. He was just as friendly and wise and calm as you would imagine Morgan Freeman on a tropical island to be."

Submitted by Casey Corcoran, Facebook.

13. "My family and I were walking out of a restaurant and the door slammed closed as a guy was walking in, so to be polite, my then 7-year-old sister grabbed the door for him but the man said, 'No, I'll get it for you.' I turned around to see my little sister arguing with Alec Baldwin about who should hold the door open, and after a few quips from her, he finally let her win."

Submitted by Kaitlyn Maddux, Facebook.

14. "I met Emma Stone in late November 2014 during her stay on Broadway for Cabaret. We went around back to the stage door, and security said that there was almost zero chance of Emma coming all the way down the line to us because it was about ten degrees. And you know what? She came all the way down the line, signed something for every single person, and even took pictures with all of us. It was amazing and I will always have mad respect for her."

Submitted by Ali Newsom, Facebook.

15. "When I was five I went to my first concert. It was Hilary Duff, and I was on the front row. She was shaking people's hands, and I was way at the far right of the stage. She almost missed me because I was so short, but the security guard picked me up and she shook my hand. It makes me so happy when I think about it."

Submitted by lyndsayb459dcf534.

16. "Over the summer I was put into an inpatient program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. During the first weekend I was there I was told there was a special guest visiting ... It was Josh Hutcherson. He stayed and talked to everyone and answered questions as well as signing autographs and taking pictures with all the kids. He was honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met."

Submitted by jessicad45f442c86.

17. "I was at Walgreens and I went to check out my few items when I realised I left my debit card in my car. As I went to get it, someone behind me offered to pay for my $13 worth of groceries. It was Hugh Laurie. I kept telling him that it was OK but thank you, but he insisted and said, 'Now promise me you'll go and do something kind for someone else, OK? I have a feeling you will.'"

Submitted by juliea428be4842.

18. "My best friend and I were at a Taylor Swift concert. We knew from a previous concert that at some point she would perform a few songs on a small, rotating stage at the back of the venue. We made sure to be right up against the barrier. Taylor was our hero, and being that close to her made us cry tears of joy. Before Taylor went back to the main stage, she went around and hugged the people surrounding the small stage. When she got to me, she said, 'Aww, don't cry!' She then proceeded to take two bracelets off her own wrist and put them on mine. That was The Best Day."

Submitted by lovelovelove13.

19. "I was at the Billboard Music Awards in 2013, trying to get the opportunity to see some celebs I liked. Miley Cyrus was making the rounds, signing autographs and taking pictures. Then she stopped right in front of me and said, 'You don't have a Sharpie, a phone, nothing? You're just here for the memories?' I nodded and she put out her hand for a high five. She may be a little out there, but she's a sweet person."

Submitted by ayeloren.

20. "I grew up in Pittsburgh, where the show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was filmed. My mom would frequently make pledges to PBS, and one time when I was 4 we had to go to the local studio for something related to it. We had just parked and were walking to the building when another car pulled up, and driving it was Fred Rogers! He got out of the car and said, 'Hi there, neighbor, how are you today? Would you like a hug?' I ran to him and he hugged me and talked to us as we walked into the building. Mister Rogers was exactly the same in person as he was on his show."

Submitted by laural470cf68a2 .

21. "I'm a flight attendant, and I once had Octavia Spencer on a flight. As she was getting ready to deplane, I couldn't help myself and broke professionalism to tell her I thought she was wonderful and I couldn't wait to see more from her. She grabbed my elbow, told me she thought I was wonderful, and gave me a hug. I have never been more starstruck."

Submitted by jahopkins2.

22. "I was at Sundance Film Festival, waiting for a midnight screening to start. As the theatre started to fill up, I turned around in my seat to see who was sitting behind me, and saw Robin Williams. My whole face must have lit up with happiness, because he almost laughed with joy. 'Hey there,' he said. 'Hi!' I replied happily. I turned back away, because I wanted to respect his privacy, but every once in a while, I would turn back around. 'Hi again!' he would exclaim, and make me giggle every time.

I wish I had told him that my childhood was better because of him. I can only hope that he read it in the joy on my face. Somehow, I think he did."

Submitted by Natasha Storm Figueroa Husted, Facebook.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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