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26 Times Taylor Swift Was You AF

"I just wish we could watch cat videos all day."

1. This is Taylor Swift, and she is actually you IRL.

2. She is you, when you're just trying to live your best life and a disrespectful bug flies into your actual face.

3. You, when your pet just doesn't give a shit, but you force your love upon them anyway.

"Meredith is allergic to joy."

4. Seriously. Why will nothing and no one return your love?

5. You, when a dude is mansplaining, and you're just like, "Yes OK but just let me do something first..."


6. Taylor knows how it feels when you and your friends decide to wear matching costumes for Halloween and then they all end up looking great and you show up like this:

7. She is you, when your friends all want to go out to the club and all you can think about is what you're going to do when you get home.

8. But also you when you just killed it at work and you're actually in the mood to turn up.

9. You, when someone suggests that you get junk food for lunch instead of your usual salad.

10. You, whenever you make the mistake of going to the gym.

11. And you the day after the gym. πŸ˜”

Big Machine Records / Via

12. Taylor knows that sometimes you just have to big yourself up.

13. And she just ~gets~ that honesty is the best policy.

14. Taylor is you when you see a particularly adorable cat video on the internet.

15. Seriously. She is just so, so you.

The Ellen Show / Via

16. Because Taylor understands the most important things in life.

17. Taylor is you when someone is all, "Oh, do you know that eating fries every day is bad for you?"

18. You, when you meet someone new and you just want to come across as ~quirky and relatable~.

19. Taylor is you when you see a couple PDA-ing all over each other.

20. She is you when you reminisce about your regrettable childhood choices.

21. You, when your friends try to suggest that you try online dating.

SPIN / Via

22. You every single April Fools' Day.

23. You, when people expect you to explain the most basic of things.

24. You, when you probably shouldn't be typing your ex's name into the search bar on Facebook.

25. She is you when you're totally done with people telling you how to act.

26. And she is 100% you when...OK, maybe not this time.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Happy 26th birthday, TayTay! Never change. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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