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    23 Reasons Why Spending Time With Your Grandma Is Actually The Best

    Werther's Original, anyone?

    1. She seems to have a bag of Werther's Originals readily available to offer to anyone at any time.


    If it's not Werther's Originals, it's pear drops, or some other sickly hard-boiled sweet you're not sure you even like.

    2. And you're not allowed to say no to sweets, because you're "still growing" and "need your nutrients".

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    Even though you're 30 years old, and you both know that sweets don't contain any nutrients.

    3. If you want a break from your daily life, you can visit her and spend hours discussing the abrupt changes in weather...

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    4. ...and how it's affecting her garden/favourite sport/regular trip to the local Morrisons.

    NBC / Via

    5. If preferred, you can avoid the hype surrounding the World Cup to sit with her, watch Wimbledon, and drink Pimm's.

    Universal Republic

    6. And you'll inevitably end up discussing what a "lovely boy" Andy Murray is.

    Sky Sports / Via

    7. You'll always have someone to talk to about the royal family and their antics.

    BBC / Via

    8. And you'll spend days discussing what a "lovely boy" Prince Harry is.

    BBC / Via

    9. In fact, she's happy to discuss your celebrity crushes until the cows come home.

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    That Zayn is a lovely boy, isn't he?

    10. She knows that a cup of tea is the perfect solution to any issue.

    Channel 4

    Her most used phrase is, "Shall I put the kettle on?"

    11. Seriously – there's no problem that can't be solved by a nice cup of tea.

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    Tough day at work? Cup of tea. Bad break-up? Cup of tea. Accidentally cut off your own arm? Cup of tea.

    12. You can watch daytime TV for hours at a time without any judgment, because she does too.


    If you don't think that Pointless is the best game show on TV, you're wrong.

    13. Being the only person to actually read the local newspaper, she's able to keep you updated on all the ~hot gossip~ in your town.

    BBC / Via

    How else would you hear about that charity event that's happening at the local primary school?

    14. She's more than happy to dig out old photo albums and tell you embarrassing stories about your parents that you can use against them in future arguments.


    15. And she'll happily regale you for hours with stories about life during the war...

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    16. ...until you realise she was about 5 years old when it ended.

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    The stories are still cool, though.

    17. She's more than happy to ply you with food whenever she sees you.

    FOX / Via

    18. Especially if you ~accidentally~ tell her you've been somewhat lacking in the hot dinners department recently...

    Nickelodeon / Via

    19. Her house is always the best place to go when you're sick, because she has an unlimited supply of Heinz soup.

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    20. Not to mention the constant rotation of freshly baked fruitcake, scones, and biscuits.

    Disney / Via

    Admit it: You pretended to be sick more than once so you could stay home from school and devour tons of freshly baked goods.

    21. You'll leave her house with countless Tupperware containers full of leftovers.

    FOX / Via

    22. And she'll keep topping up your cup of tea. Obviously.

    23. But the best thing about spending time with your grandma is that you love each other.

    NBC / Via

    (Plus she'll probably give you money.)

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