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    23 Of The Best Things To Ever Happen On "The Graham Norton Show"

    This show is such a gift.

    1. When John Boyega revealed that instead of keeping his Star Wars casting a secret, he told everyone, including his taxi driver.

    2. When Rebel Wilson admitted she's never seen an episode of Friends, and Matt LeBlanc reacted like this.

    3. And when Emilia Clarke asked Matt LeBlanc to say ~the thing~, and then reacted like a true Friends fangirl.


    4. When Jennifer Lawrence had an – ahem – little message for Donald Trump.

    5. When Graham got Benedict Cumberbatch to impersonate some otters, because people on the internet had decided that he looked like one.


    6. When John Cleese managed to insult both cats and women in one breath, and Taylor Swift was having none of it.


    7. When Will and Jaden Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro made all of our lives by giving us a surprise performance of The Carlton.


    8. When Graham brought up Hugh Laurie's past as an expert rapper, and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart thought it was hilarious.

    9. When Carrie Fisher revealed the best advice she gave to Daisy Ridley when she joined the cast of Star Wars.

    10. When Chris Hemsworth told his best – and punniest – Thor joke.

    11. When Greg Davies told a hilarious story about wearing his mother's underwear to work, and Ryan Gosling absolutely could not hold it together.


    12. When Michael Fassbender told Graham a story about horse arousal, and Julie Walters said this.

    13. Speaking of Julie Walters: When she found out that 50 Cent has a fragment of a bullet stuck in his tongue, and she asked to give it a feel.


    14. When Tina Fey discussed dressing up as Princess Leia for 30 Rock.

    15. When Graham brought up Chris Hemsworth's appearance in Ghostbusters, and the cast reacted like this.

    16. When Ryan Reynolds discussed his marriage to Blake Lively.

    17. When Graham had some shocking news for Meryl Streep.

    18. When Jonah Hill told the story of the first and only time he spoke to Morgan Freeman.

    19. When Eddie Redmayne and Anna Kendrick both revealed that they had crushes on cartoon characters as kids.

    BBC /

    Didn't we all?

    20. When James McAvoy told this story and Daniel Radcliffe laughed so hard he spat out his water.

    21. When Harry Styles and Ian McKellen totally got their flirt on.

    22. When John Boyega challenged David Beckham to a lightsaber duel.

    23. And, of course, when Taylor Swift provided us with the perfect GIFs to sum up our entire lives.

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