13 Times Emma Watson Totally Nailed The Whole Feminism Thing

    "It's about liberation. I really don't know what my tits have to do with it."

    1. When she launched the HeForShe campaign with an inspiring speech at UN headquarters and shut down the suggestion that feminism is the same as man-hating.

    2. And when she went on to explain how feminism not only benefits women – it benefits men, too.

    3. When she revealed that she was encouraged not to use the word "feminism" in that speech, and she decided that advice was kind of stupid.

    4. When she discussed the fact that, after she spoke out against gender inequality in her UN speech, online trolls threatened to release private photos of her.

    5. When she pointed out that feminism isn't trying to dictate how women live their lives – it's trying to give them the choice.

    6. When the validity of her feminism was questioned because she posed without a bra on the cover of Vanity Fair, and she responded in the best way.

    7. And then defended herself when people accused her of hypocrisy, citing a 2014 interview with Wonderland in which Watson discussed Beyoncé's first visual album.

    This is the part of my 2014 interview with Tavi where we talked about Beyoncé. My words are in bold.

    "I would say you do get sense of, 'I can be a feminist, I can be an intellectual, I can be all these other things, but I can also be OK with my femininity and being pretty and with all these things that I thought might negate my message or negate what I am about'," she said of Beyoncé in the interview. "That really is the most interesting thing about the album. It is so inclusive and puts feminism and femininity and female empowerment on such a broad spectrum."

    8. When she stressed the importance of intersectionality in feminism.

    9. When she explained that there are definitely still problems with feminism in 2017.

    10. When she was asked about whether feminism has a place in the world of dating, and she had the most eloquent response.

    11. When she was asked what important lesson she'd want her daughter to learn, and her answer was perfect.

    12. When she encouraged young women to live up to their potential and pointed out the importance of female leadership.

    13. And when she acknowledged the pressure of being a feminist activist in the public eye, and recognised that she has more learning to do.