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You Need To See Ellen Scaring The Living Shit Out Of Sarah Paulson

To be fair, I think we're all terrified of Twisty.

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If you didn't know, Sarah Paulson is currently killing it as Ally Mayfair-Richards in the newest season of American Horror Story.


And since AHS is such a spooky show, when Sarah made an appearance on Ellen to promote it, Ellen obviously took the opportunity to scare the shit out of her.

Ellen /

But because Ellen loves nothing more than being extra, she didn't just scare Sarah once...

Ellen /

She scared her three times.

Ellen /

Sarah ended up literally falling out of her chair after that last one, because she had revealed earlier that clowns are one of her biggest fears.

Ellen / Via

And, according to Sarah, Ryan Murphy – the creator of American Horror Story – filled the show with her IRL phobias on purpose. Everyone knows AHS is filled with clowns...

Ellen / Via, FOX

But Sarah's fears also include bees, which featured heavily in the promo for this season...

Ellen /, FOX

And the beehive imagery for AHS: Cult is also thanks to Sarah's trypophobia.

Ellen /

I guess now we know why her screams are so convincing.


You can watch Sarah's full interview with Ellen here, but more importantly, here's her being scared a bunch of times:

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