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    Drew Barrymore Took An "I Heart Jake Gyllenhaal" Sign To A Red Carpet And Honestly, Same

    Me as a celebrity.

    It's time to settle down and cast our minds back to 2001, when a young Jake Gyllenhaal and an also young Drew Barrymore appeared together in a little movie called Donnie Darko.

    It was one of Jake's earliest acting roles, and I'm sure you'll agree that he showed off his talents pretty damn well.

    But one person who doesn't agree is Drew Barrymore – because on Wednesday, James Corden asked her to rank some of her past costars from least to most talented, and she ranked Jake last.

    To be fair, she only did this because otherwise she'd have to eat turkey testicles, but while Jake himself might forgive her, I'm still finding it difficult.

    Of course, a whole bunch of news outlets immediately jumped on the absolutely scandalous fact that Drew called Jake Gyllenhaal untalented.

    So Drew did what anyone in her position would've done, and took a giant "I ❤️ JAKE GYLLENHAAL" sign to the premiere of her show.

    I thought I was going to have to unstan for a second, but I think it's safe to say that all is forgiven and I can enjoy watching Santa Clarita Diet as planned.

    Now the only thing I want to know is, like... What happened to the sign? Is it just floating free and available for anyone to use? I don't have anyone in mind. Just asking for a friend.

    K, bye! ✌🏼