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    We Asked YouTubers About The Funniest And Most Shocking Comments They've Ever Received

    Remember: Don't feed the trolls.

    BuzzFeed UK attended Summer in the City – an annual event held in London for creators and fans of the YouTube community – and asked some popular YouTubers about the weird, funny, and shocking comments they've received on their videos...

    1. Sanne Vliegenthart (booksandquills) makes videos about books on her channel and is an active member of the BookTube community with over 130,000 subscribers.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    Sanne's policy when it comes to mean (or ridiculous) comments is just to laugh it off: She recently started the "YouTube Comment of the Day" tag on Twitter, a collection of the funniest and most ridiculous comments she receives on her videos.

    2. Dean Dobbs and Jack Howard (omfgitsjackanddean) have been making comedy videos and short films together for more than six years, and their joint channel has almost 500,000 subscribers.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    British YouTube duo Dan Howell and Phil Lester have almost 8 million subscribers between them, and were a major draw at Summer in the City. (They're also good friends with Jack and Dean – no hard feelings!)

    3. Identical twins Lucy and Lydia Connell (lucyandlydia) have been making beauty and fashion videos on YouTube for more than two years.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    According to them, they don't really get mean comments on their videos – but people regularly ask them if they're related.

    4. Tom Ridgewell (TomSka) is a filmmaker and vlogger, and his YouTube channel has gained more than 3.7 million subscribers since he started making videos in 2006.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    We're pretty sure he's just joking on that one.

    5. Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford, Barry Taylor, and Ben Ebbrell (SORTEDfood) started making cooking videos on their channel over five years ago and regularly collaborate with other creators in the YouTube community.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    "3 fails + 1 square = SORTEDFood"

    6. Beauty vlogger and filmmaker Em Ford (mypaleskinblog) has gained over 340,000 subscribers since she started making YouTube videos a year ago.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    Em created a short film called "You Look Disgusting" in response to the countless "shocking and disturbing" comments she's received on her YouTube videos.


    Em used her platform on YouTube to draw attention to the negative impact social media can have on our perceptions of ourselves. Instead of letting negative comments get to her, she used them to portray a positive message to her fans: that no matter what people say about you, you are beautiful.

    7. Self-proclaimed feminist Hannah Witton (hannahgirasol) has almost 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her worst comment was pretty disturbing.

    Ellie Bate / BuzzFeed

    Hannah makes unapologetically honest videos about life, sex, and relationships – her video "Do I Look Like A Slut?", in which she discusses the problems surrounding society's views of femininity and sexuality, has over 800,000 views. The comments she's received undeniably awful, but her response is simple: Forget about it.

    "I know it's not about me," she told BuzzFeed. "It's about them. ... It's about the person leaving the comment. It's a reflection of who they are as a person."