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You Need To See Ryan Reynolds' Reaction To Hiddleswift

His best role to date.

ICYMI, Taylor Swift and her army of famous friends held a small, low-key gathering on Monday to celebrate the 4th of July. And, as is tradition, Instagram feeds across the globe were bombarded with photos of said low-key gathering.

Among the influx of photo sharing, Taylor's childhood friend Britany posted this photo of herself and her husband cuddling up next to Taylor's famous friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and also the couple of the moment, Taylor and Tom Hiddleston.

And people absolutely cannot deal with Ryan Reynolds' facial expression in the photo.

People have accepted Ryan Reynolds as the official Hiddleswift mascot.

You can tell this wasn't his idea. You can tell he thinks this was a dick move. Ryan Reynolds always knows.

tag yourself i'm ryan reynolds dying inside

Current mood: Ryan Reynolds looking internally pained by Hiddleswift.

Seriously, they went IN.

“I now know what to call the Deadpool sequel: Deadpool: DeadInside.” - Ryan Reynolds’ internal monologue

Reynolds looks like he forgot to say cheese bc he was mentally cataloging the regrettable choices that led to this

Is someone available to check on Ryan?


Hope you're doing OK, buddy.