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Christina Applegate Shut Down People Objecting To Her Tweets About Trump

"I'm also a mother, a daughter, and a human. I was birthed the same way you were."

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Actress Christina Applegate has been pretty vocal with her opinions on President Trump since his election in November.

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She attended the Women's March on Los Angeles the day after Trump's inauguration, and this past weekend spoke passionately against his executive order banning people from some majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.

This is a country of many voices. Some we may disagree with. But at the core we are humans with rights. We will not be silenced.

This is horrible what this man has done!!I am appalled!! I am frightened!! I am so angry!! @realDonaldTrump how can you live with yourself?

Since then, Christina has been the recipient of a barrage of abuse from people telling her she "doesn't live in the real world" and, as a celebrity, shouldn't voice her opinion.

But yesterday, Christina took to Twitter to hit back at the people who say she – and other celebrities – shouldn't use their voice.

weird to me when you say I can't have a voice .I'm also a mother,a daughter and a human.i was birthed the same way you were

She branded the comments "offensive", and pointed out that although she's a successful celebrity now, her life wasn't always so privileged.

I find it so offensive when people say those of us can't talk. You talk! You spew So I'm exempt? Because I chose my work? What the fuck???

I grew up on an abusive home. Now I make it public. Don't you dare say I don't understand.

Don't you dare say I don't understand the struggles. We lived on food stamps. Don't you dare say I don't know.

She also said that just because she "made a life" for herself, that doesn't mean her voice deserves to be silenced.

Don't you dare say that because I made a life for me and my single mother I don't undertand

Don't you dare say that I don't get it. Because I am an actress I don't get it. That's fucked up

Christina concluded the thread by pointing out that, as a mother, she simply wants her daughter to grow up in a safe and accepting place.

Sorry for my outburst. I'm just trying to deal with everything. As a mom I just want a safe place for her. I'm sorry for my language.

And her "outburst" was met with hundreds of comments from followers thanking her for speaking her mind, and urging her not to apologise.

@1capplegate if we aren't enraged we aren't paying attention! You have a platform that few of us have -- use it and give em hell! 😉

@1capplegate These tweets were POWERFUL and NECESSARY. I applaud you. You fought to be here, same as anyone. You fuckin tell 'em!

@1capplegate my darling you spoke your truth never apologize for that rather have honest cussing than dishonest prayers ❤️

Well said, Christina. 👏🏼