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Chrissy Teigen Has Been Hospitalised Due To "Never Stopping Bleeding" During Pregnancy

"It's scary in the way that there's nothing you can do."

In case you missed the news, last month Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced they're expecting their third child!

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The pair announced Chrissy's pregnancy news in the music video for John's song "Wild", later letting it slip that they're expecting a baby boy.

But Chrissy's pregnancy hasn't been without its complications. In fact, last week she revealed she was on "serious bed rest" because her placenta is "really, really weak".

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"It's causing me to really bleed a lot," Chrissy said in an Instagram story.

"It's always been kind of the bad part of my pregnancies," she went on. "With Luna, with Miles — it just stopped feeding him, taking care of him. I was stealing all of his food because I was getting huge, but he wasn't getting big at all ... I was induced both times."

And over the weekend, Chrissy posted that she had been admitted to hospital after her condition worsened to the point where she was "never stopping bleeding".

"I'm about halfway through pregnancy, and the blood has been going on for like a month — maybe a little bit less than a month," Chrissy explained in a video on her Instagram story on Sunday night.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

"We're talking more than your period, girls, and definitely not spotting," she said. "A lot of people spot, and it's usually fine, but mine was a lot. Every time I went to the bathroom, it would be blood, and honestly just laying there it would be blood, but today the big difference was like, if you turned a faucet on to low and just leave it there."

"It was at the point today where it was just never stopping bleeding," Chrissy continued. "And that's obviously very bad."

She went on to explain that her physical condition is "so hard to come to terms with" because she is at her happiest when she's pregnant, and said the baby is healthy and doing well.

"I guess in the simplest of terms, we can say my placenta is really, really weak," Chrissy said of her condition.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

"The baby is so healthy," she added. "He's growing stronger than Luna or Miles. He moves so much earlier than they ever did. He's like a roly-poly. We have so many great pictures of him. He's so strong, and I'm so excited for him because he's so wonderful and just the strongest little dude. But basically, he is the strongest, coolest dude in the shittiest house."

She went on: "All we're trying to do now is making sure he's got a lot of fluid around him, and that I'm resting obviously as much as possible. It's just hard, because there's not much you can do. I'm in that weird in-between time of it being really dangerous to try anything."

"If I can make it through the next few weeks — if little boy can make it through the next few weeks — then we can go from there and be able to get through the danger zone," she said.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

"Yeah, it is scary, but it's scary in the way that there's nothing you can do," Chrissy went on. "I'm taking my progesterone, my iron — trust me, we're on it."

"We're trying everything we can," she added.

Chrissy also took the opportunity during her Instagram story to ask that people online stop their "guessing games" and don't try to "diagnose" her "via Twitter".

"I know that sharing my story is naturally going to come with people trying to be helpful, but at this point since I can't really do anything and baby can't really do anything, it's not really that helpful," Chrissy concluded.

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