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    John Legend Almost EGOTed And Chrissy Teigen Couldn't Be More Proud

    Broadway's greatest power couple, tbh.

    Last night, everyone's favourite celeb couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, hit up Radio City Music Hall to attend the 71st Annual Tony Awards.

    Jenny Anderson / Getty Images

    Here's them being cute AF on the red carpet.

    They were there because John is one of the producers of Jitney, which was nominated for Best Revival of a Play, and also because Chrissy is one of Broadway's Biggest Stars™.

    I am in new york for the Tony's because I am a famous broadway actress and it makes sense

    As if being married to one of Broadway's Biggest Stars™ wasn't enough, John (and the rest of the producers of Jitney) won the award!

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    That means John is just one Emmy away from EGOTing, and Chrissy couldn't be more proud of her man. ❤️

    (That means he's won a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony, FYI. No big deal.)

    Chrissy celebrated John's win by shooting photos of him in the press room backstage, because she is obviously multitalented and can now add "professional press photographer" to her resume.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images
    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    In short, Chrissy and John had the best damn date night of all time.

    Jenny Anderson / Getty Images

    Oh, and in case you're wondering, she definitely doesn't care if you think she shouldn't have been there.

    Twitter / Twitter: @chrissyteigen


    She is one of Broadway's Biggest Stars™, after all.

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