Chris Evans Tried To Give His Dog A Haircut In Quarantine And I Guess Even Captain America Can't Do Everything

    "It went so wrong, so fast."

    This is Chris Evans.

    Chris Evans
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    You probably know Chris Evans from being Captain America, both onscreen and basically in real life, and as Captain America, you would probably expect him to be good at everything.

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    But just like the rest of us, Chris is currently isolating at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. And that means he's trying to do a lot of things he usually wouldn't — like, for example, giving his dog a haircut.

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    Last week, Chris joined Instagram and shared this photo of Dodger's new haircut. It's safe to say it's slighty... dodgy.

    "He hasn't seen a mirror yet," Chris wrote in the caption. "I told him it looks great."

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    Well, during an appearance on the Tonight Show on Thursday, Chris explained exactly what happened when he tried to cut Dodger's hair, and it turns out it was all a result of misplaced confidence.

    Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon
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    "I had done it once before, right when quarantine began. I gave him just a little bit of a trim, and it went great!" Chris explained. "So I got a little confident, and put on a shorter attachment"

    Chris Evans on the Tonight Show
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    "The first time I did it, it was after a walk, so he was exhausted," he went on. "So he was straight and flat, and you could just kinda — you've got to go with the hair, you don't go against it."

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    But it turns out Chris's greatest mistake was becoming overconfident and deciding to cut Dodger's hair in the morning, when he was full of energy.

    Chris Evans and Dodger
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    He explained: "As you were bringing the clippers down, he kept twisting his body, and the skin would crunch up. He had no idea what was going on."

    "I just kept trying to tell him to straighten — I mean, I'm trying to speak to him," Chris said. "He doesn't speak English."

    Chris Evans on the Tonight Show
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    I guess there are some things Captain America can't do after all.

    Watch Chris's Tonight Show interview in full here:

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