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    Charli D'Amelio Opened Up About Online Harassment And Body-Shaming And It Got Seriously Real

    "If you have followers, you're not considered a person."

    At this point, there's no way you don't know of Charli D'Amelio. The 16-year-old shot to social media fame in the last year and is now the most-followed star on TikTok, with more than 80 million followers.

    Unfortunately though, being one of the most famous teenagers on the planet comes with some downsides, and Charli has been open with fans in recent months about her experience with online harassment and body-shaming.

    Now, in a lengthy interview on her family's YouTube channel, Charli has addressed the issue of online harassment, and said she's constantly worried about making mistakes.

    "You always have to worry that something from when you were ten is going to get taken out of context," Charli said. "Or something you might regret every single day of your life is put on the internet, and you have to relive it."

    She continued: "If you have followers, you're not considered a person. You're just a thing that people get to judge and objectify and call names and bully."

    "[They think] most of the time they're not going to see it," Charli added. "I'll say something back, and then it's, 'I never thought you were gonna see it.' They don't expect it to hurt us."

    Charli went on to say that the most hurtful comments are the ones she receives about her body, because as a dancer, it's something she's had to deal with all her life.

    Watch the D'Amelio family's interview in full here:

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