17 Celebrities Open Up About Their Time In Therapy

    "There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help."

    1. Kesha wrote an article for Elle detailing her experience in therapy for her eating disorder:

    "I felt like part of my job was to be as skinny as possible, and to make that happen, I had been abusing my body. I just wasn't giving it the energy it needed to keep me healthy and strong. My brain told me to just suck it up and press on, but in my heart I knew that something had to change. So I made the decision to practise what I preach. I put my career on hold and sought treatment. I had to learn to treat my body with respect."

    2. Gwyneth Paltrow spoke to Good Housekeeping about attending therapy for her postpartum depression:

    "I felt like a zombie. I couldn't access my heart. I couldn't access my emotions. I couldn't connect ... The hardest part for me was acknowledging the problem. I thought postpartum depression meant you were sobbing every single day and incapable of looking after a child. But there are different shades of it and depths of it, which is why I think it's so important for women to talk about."

    3. Catherine Zeta-Jones spoke to People magazine about her bipolar disorder:

    "This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them. If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it. There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help."

    4. Jon Hamm told the Guardian that he sought therapy for depression while he was at university:

    "I struggled with chronic depression. I was in bad shape ... I did do therapy and antidepressants for a brief period, which helped me. Which is what therapy does: it gives you another perspective when you are so lost in your own spiral, your own bullshit. It helps."

    5. Brooke Shields wrote a powerful piece for the New York Times about her experience with postpartum depression:

    "I couldn't believe it when my doctor told me that I was suffering from postpartum depression and gave me a prescription for the antidepressant Paxil. I wasn't thrilled to be taking drugs. In fact, I prematurely stopped taking them and had a relapse that almost led me to drive my car into a wall with Rowan in the backseat. But the drugs, along with weekly therapy sessions, are what saved me – and my family."

    6. Emma Thompson told BBC Radio 4 that therapy was what helped her ultimately get through her depression:

    "I don't think I did stay sane ... It was tough. I think I probably should have sought professional help long before I actually did, for all sorts of reasons."

    7. Kerry Washington told Essence magazine that she sought therapy to combat her binge-eating and exercise addiction:

    "Learning how to love myself and my body is a lifelong process. But I definitely don't struggle the way I used to. Therapy helped me realise that maybe it's okay for me to communicate my feelings. Instead of literally stuffing them down with food, maybe it's okay for me to express myself."

    8. Sheryl Crowe told the Daily Mail that she has sought therapy for her depression:

    "I suffer from depression, and at its worst there was a six-month period in my twenties when I couldn't dress, days when I couldn't leave the house. Antidepressants helped and so did therapy, but depression is a chemical thing that some people go through. It's always been part of my life."

    9. J.K. Rowling told the Guardian that her overwhelming success led her to seek therapy:

    "Everything changed so rapidly, so strangely. I knew no one who'd ever been in the public eye. I didn't know anyone – anyone – to whom I could turn and say, 'What do you do?' ... I had to [go to therapy] again when my life was changing so suddenly – and it really helped. I'm a big fan of it, it helped me a lot."

    10. Kourtney Kardashian told People magazine that she sought couples therapy with her then-boyfriend, Scott Disick:

    "I think [counselling] is really important and we always love going and feel so much better after. I think everyone should go. People are like, 'It's so expensive and this or that,' but that's more important than buying clothes or a handbag or shoes. It's your life."

    11. Jennifer Garner told Parade magazine that she sought therapy after her first marriage ended:

    "It was a huge heartbreak for me to have something fail like that. I knew that this was either an opportunity for growth or I would sink ... I thought, 'Why did this relationship not work? What part of the failure is my responsibility?' So I went to work on it. I started therapy."

    12. Tom Fletcher told the Mirror that he has attended therapy for his depression:

    "It's scary going to the doctor to talk about your feelings ... By the time I started talking to anyone about it I was already so familiar with the patterns of my life – the ups and downs – that I found it easier to deal with because I was older. I wish I'd known about it when I was younger to help through when it was really tough."

    13. Demi Lovato spoke to People magazine about her time in treatment for an eating disorder and bipolar disorder:

    "I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar ... I feel like I am in control now where my whole life I wasn't in control."

    14. Lena Dunham spoke to Stylist about what therapy has done for her:

    "[Therapy is] paying someone to listen to you stammer until you find what's really important. Because the fact is, we all have some underlying drive and anxiety that's pushing us forward at all times ... Having a therapist has taught me to be less cruel to myself. It's not like therapy has made me the world's sanest person; it just made me slightly less insane."

    15. Halle Berry told Hello! magazine she has been in therapy since childhood due to abuse from her alcoholic father:

    "I've done therapy on an as-needed basis since I was probably ten years old. My father was an alcoholic and a very abusive one, and my mother knew the value of providing me with the outlet of an unbiased person to talk to, so I've done that all my life when times get stressful. It really helps me deal with stuff."

    16. Felicia Day told Forbes that she has found therapy to be the best way of dealing with anxiety:

    "My advice would be to talk to people about it. Don't feel alone in it. Treat your body as if you are another person that you need to take care of and heal."

    17. John Green held an AMA on Reddit during which he gave advice to fans dealing with mental illness:

    "There is hope. There is treatment. You are not alone, and while I know the struggle feels at times completely hopeless and futile, there is a far shore for the vast majority of people, and I wish you the best."

    If you need information and practical advice on mental health, you can call the Rethink advice and information service on 0300 5000 927 (10am–2pm), if you're in the UK.

    You can call the Samaritans for confidential support if you're experiencing feelings of distress or despair on 08457 90 90 90 (24-hour helpline).

    You can call the Crisis Call Center at 1-800-273-8255 at any time of the day if you're based in the US.