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We Asked Celebrities What Advice They'd Give Their Teenage Selves

BuzzFeed UK went to the Elle Style Awards red carpet to ask one very important question.

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BuzzFeed UK went to the Elle Style Awards red carpet on Tuesday to ask the celeb guests one question: What advice would you give to your teenage self?

2. Liv Tyler


Liv: I don't know! I wouldn't change... If I could go back now and give myself advice I'd just say don't worry so much and enjoy everything. I had quite a level head, and I had amazing parents who had lived crazy lives, so I got to learn from all the beautiful lessons that they taught me.


8. Charlotte Olympia Dellal and Arizona Muse


Arizona: Have fun! I was so serious as a child.

Charlotte: I was serious too! I was an older child, so I was meant to be the serious one. Eventually I learned that if you don't get caught, it's OK. But yeah, have more fun.

Arizona: And relax! I relax so much more now. And had I relaxed sooner, I would've had more fun so much sooner. I mean I did fun things, but I have more fun doing them now.

Charlotte: Exactly. Let loose!

9. Lily Donaldson and Anya Hindmarch


Anya: What I've learned is when you think you're scared, you're actually excited.

Lily: Youth is wasted on the young. No, I'm joking! Not to worry as much, I think – because you do, you worry a lot. Worry less. Don't worry, be happy.

11. Clare Waight Keller and Lorraine Candy


Lorraine: Be happy, and don't worry about anything. Eat what you want, do what you want, and really be nice to your mum! And I'm saying that because I've got four children, and I want them to be nice to me when they're teenagers.

Clare: I kind of have to ditto that, actually – that's excellent advice. And I would say it all works out in the end, even if it seems like a real struggle, it all works out.