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23 Times Sarah Millican Proved She's The Funniest Woman In Britain

"People were laughing at me anyway, so I thought, 'Fuck it, I might as well charge them.'"

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1. When she called out women's magazines on their bullshit.

2. And called out her mum on her double standards.

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3. When she explained why she doesn't like meals for one.

4. When she was taking absolutely none of Sean Lock's shit.

5. When she had a very obvious answer to this question.

6. And also this question.

7. When she pointed out the most annoying thing about Christmas.

8. Because she's really not afraid to be completely honest.

9. When she had the perfect response to learning about the "Ikea effect".

10. When she made this very good point.

11. When she got a little bit too real about her ~measurements~.

12. When she gave us all the inspiration for a perfect New Year's Resolution.

13. When she managed to perfectly describe Top Gear in just a few words.

14. More than once.

15. And when she perfectly described Crimewatch.

16. When you could relate a little bit too much.

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17. When she spoke for cat ladies all over the world.

18. Especially with her submission for Room 101.

19. When she actually had a pretty legit response to her critics.

20. When she summed up how we all feel about exercise.

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21. And how we feel about food, too.

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22. When she forgot how to speak, just for a second.

23. And, finally, when she explained her reasons for getting into comedy.