BTS Paid Tribute To The Beatles During Their "Late Show" Performance And It Was — Quite Literally — Iconic

    "Do you know what a significant moment in global pop culture this is, for an Asian band to be compared directly to The Beatles?"

    You already know BTS are currently living their best lives in New York City ahead of their Speak Yourself Tour shows at MetLife Stadium this weekend.

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    And on Wednesday night, they made their first ever appearance on the Late Show, sitting down for an interview with Stephen Colbert.

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    Highlights included J-Hope leading the audience in a rendition of "Hey Jude", Taehyung wearing glasses, and Jin telling Stephen he needs to dye his hair pink.

    As well as their sit-down interview, the band did a performance of their song "Boy With Luv", and it was — to put it simply — iconic.

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    The segment recreated the Beatles' 1964 performance of "Twist & Shout" on the Ed Sullivan Show, which was filmed in the same theatre as the Late Show .

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    It was a completely perfect re-creation — even down to the logos on the drum kit.

    If you're not ~in the know~, the tribute is super appropriate, because BTS just became the first group since the Beatles to achieve three No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart in less than a year.

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    Their most recent EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, went to No. 1 last month, joining their previous albums, Love Yourself 結 Answer and Love Yourself 轉 Tear.

    The band's tribute came with a skit about BTS-mania (lol get it), with Stephen Colbert playing host Ed Sullivan.

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    And, yes, they were all introduced as "the cute one".

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    As if we didn't already know.

    Fans are loving the tribute, and pointing out what a huge deal it is for a K-pop group to be directly compared to the Beatles on an American TV show.

    Do you know what a significant moment in global pop culture this is, for an Asian band to be compared directly to The Beatles themselves? To be hailed as ‘history repeating itself’ and the modern parallel to the most legendary group in pop music? Proud of you @BTS_twt! #BTSonLSSC

    People give me weird looks all the time when I tell them I write about BTS but like... how can anyone - Asian-American or not - fail to process the magnitude of 7 Korean dudes LITERALLY being treated like The Beatles on American television


    Honestly, the way they really set the whole thing up like the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles were on it speaks volumes about how huge @BTS_twt is. This isn’t just a run of the mill band or a passing fad. These seven guys will leave an impact for years to come #BTSonLSSC

    Legends only!!! Bye!

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