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    9 Brutally Honest Confessions From Zayn Malik's First Solo Interview

    The musician opened up about his new music, Perrie Edwards, and his reasons for leaving One Direction.

    Since Zayn Malik announced he was quitting One Direction in March this year, fans have waited with bated breath for him to break his silence and open up about his reasons for leaving the band.

    And now Zayn has done just that. In a new interview with Fader, the musician speaks candidly about everything from his reasons for leaving the band to his breakup with Little Mix's Perrie.

    Here are some of his most brutally honest confessions:

    1. He almost didn't audition for The X Factor.

    2. Larry Stylinson is definitely not a real thing – and neither are any of the other 1D ships.

    3. He was never 100% behind One Direction's "generic as fuck" sound.

    4. He actually wanted to quit the band "from the beginning".

    5. He didn't break up with Perrie via text...

    6. And the breakup wasn't his reason for leaving the band.

    7. He's been talking to Liam about collaborating on music outside of One Direction.

    8. When he was in the band, he wasn't making music that he personally enjoyed...

    9. And he's happy to finally have creative control.

    Read Zayn's Fader interview in full here.