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    Brie Larson Apologises After Posting Photo With Dolphins In Captivity

    "It has always been a priority of mine to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves."

    Academy Award-winning actress and star of the upcoming superhero film Captain Marvel Brie Larson is pretty damn active on her Instagram, and is no stranger to posting throwback photos.

    Over the weekend she posted this lighthearted throwback of herself in 2004 petting a dolphin's belly while wearing a trucker hat.

    The photo received hundreds of comments from people accusing Brie of supporting animal cruelty, and suggesting that she do some research into the dangers of captivity.

    Instagram /
    Instagram /

    Brie then posted this photo in response, stating that she had never meant any harm and apologising to anyone who had been offended by the original photo.

    "I posted a photo previously that encapsulated a silly moment in my weird life," she wrote in the photo's caption.

    I forgot that through social media and random interviews you do not know all the facets of me and what my concerns are. We should be concerned about the wellbeing of all animals. Yes, dolphins. Along with every other creature. There are problems with animals in captivity. There are problems with animals living in the wild. It has always been a priority of mine to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I apologize if the photo appeared to endorse animal cruelty. I don't believe any living thing deserves mistreatment. In the comments section feel free to discuss your thoughts, concerns, articles, ANYTHING that can turn this into a moment of education for myself all who are interested. We gotta remember that we will make mistakes but we can learn from them, together. Much love.

    Well handled, Brie. 💖

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