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Bong Joon-Ho Apologising To The Oscars Engravers For Having Too Many Awards Is Instantly Iconic

"I'm so sorry for the hard work."

The Oscars happened in LA on Sunday, and the biggest winner of the night was Parasite, which became the first South Korean film ~and~ the first non-English language film to win Best Picture in the Oscars' 92-year history.

In addition to the biggest award of the night, the film won for Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film, and Best Director for Bong Joon-ho.

It's safe to say Bong was having a pretty great time with all his awards. You love to see it!

Seriously, there were...a lot of awards.

And in case you didn't know, when people win awards at the Oscars, they have to go to a special station to get the trophies engraved with their names right then and there.

Well, Variety posted a video on Twitter of Bong, his cowriter Han Jin-won, and producer Kwak Sin-ae waiting to get their Oscars engraved, and it's genuinely the best thing you'll watch all day.

Bong Joon Ho apologizes to the engravers for having too many #Oscars

It's basically just two minutes of footage of Bong getting his photo taken surrounded by Oscars and champagne, and I honestly couldn't be happier for him.

"You're doing amazing sweetie!" —Whoever is behind this iPhone, probably.

At one point, Bong's Korean interpreter Sharon Choi appears to join in the celebration and to collect her own Academy Award for Best Translator*.

But the best part of the video is when Bong turns to the people doing the hard work and, in simultaneously the biggest flex and humblest move ever, apologises to them for the number of awards they have to engrave with his name.

Congratulations to Parasite and to the king! 👑