Billie Eilish Spent The Weekend Having A Meltdown Over The Colour Of These Shoes And I Am So, So Confused

    Pink and white or white and mint? (Yes, we're doing this again.)

    You know Billie Eilish.

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    This past weekend, Billie decided to take part in a little quarantine connection and host a Q&A with fans on her Instagram story, where she let us know that she had voted that day and also that she's releasing a new song in November, no big deal at all.

    Towards the end of the Q&A, one fan decided to throw it back to 2015 (simpler times) and ask Billie if she thought The Dress was blue and black or white and gold. Yes, it's been five years, and yes, we're still on that.

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    Billie immediately pulled the plug on the whole five-year-long debate, because she announced that she sees the dress as blue and gold.

    "I cannot stress it enough," she said. "It is blue and gold. That's what it is. Blue and gold. I seriously don't give a fuck if they figured out that it actually was a certain colour — I don't give a fuck! In that picture, it's blue and gold!"

    Well, it turns out the debate really struck a nerve with Billie, who decided the only option was to bring up another one for us all to fight about.

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    "You guys are all my fucking dad," she said in another video. "Years ago, I was wearing these shoes, and my dad's like, 'Wow, those shoes are so cool. What are those, pink and white?' Dude. PINK AND WHITE?!"

    Now, I'm sorry to say it, but I was with Billie's dad on this one. When I first saw the videos, I saw the shoes as pink and white.

    "I don't know what happened to you guys in your fucking childhoods," she said in another video. "Pink and white? That's what you're going with? PINK AND WHITE?!"

    Once again, sorry to Billie, but my eyes are still seeing pink and white in this video.

    And it seems I wasn't alone, because as proof, Billie decided to google the shoes. And this is when things got confusing, because it turns out what I thought was pink is white, and what I thought is white is mint.

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    According to Billie, who knows a lot more about sneakers than I do, they don't even make the Nike Uptempo in pink and white.

    (Sidenote: LOL at all the people who have clearly also been googling this trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.)

    But the plot twist truly occurred when Billie posted another couple of videos of the shoes, and I suddenly started seeing them as white and mint.

    And the real nail in the coffin came when she posted a video of the shoes in natural daylight next to a pair of pink and white shoes, which even my eyes have to admit aren't the same colour.

    "So, we all know that I'm right here," Billie said in a video concluding the whole saga. "Even if you see something else, you know that I'm right. Underneath it all."

    And you know what? I can't deny that she is.

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    Now that my faith in my eyesight has been ruined, please feel free to sound off in the comments about the no doubt thrilling journey your own eyes just took you on! Bye!

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