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    Here Are All The Best Behind-The-Scenes Pics From The 2019 Billboard Music Awards

    It's time to look at BTS photos and, uh...BTS photos.

    1. Taylor Swift posed with Paula Abdul (and her cats, Olivia and Benjamin) on her way to the red carpet.

    2. Cardi B made her way to the arena hand in hand with Offset.

    3. The evening's host, Kelly Clarkson, showed us a glimpse of what you get to see from backstage.

    4. Joe Jonas shared a sneak peek at the seating chart during rehearsal for his performance (before, uh, getting married).

    5. And Nick Jonas posed with ~his~ wife, Priyanka Chopra, before arriving at the red carpet.

    6. Of course, Priyanka had to take the time for a solo slay.

    7. Khalid showed off his super-colourful look.

    8. Terry Crews was super excited to meet four-sevenths of BTS.

    9. As was Julianne Hough. Honestly, this photo is the biggest mood of the night.

    10. And Becky G was lucky enough to meet all seven!

    11. Maluma was more than ready for his performance with Madonna.

    12. Mariah Carey realised a dream.

    13. Diplo played his part for the yee-haw agenda.

    14. Olivia Wilde showed off her makeup look.

    15. Poppy posted a classic car selfie on the way to the show.

    16. Madonna lay on the floor backstage.

    17. Cobie Smulders posed in front of a Hooters before making her way to the show.

    18. And BTS and Halsey took some adorable polaroids after their performance of "Boy With Luv".