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19 Fascinating Crime Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Prepare to be fascinated and disturbed in equal measure.

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1. Amanda Knox


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: In 2007, Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were arrested and convicted for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Italy. She served four years in prison and was later definitively acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court – but many people still believe she did it.

Suggested by madgeunderseeh.

3. Audrie & Daisy


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: Audrie & Daisy focuses on the issue of sexual assault in American high schools. It specifically tells the story of two girls: Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who were bullied and abused after the details of their assaults were broadcast online.

Suggested by Jennifer Newcomb-Wallner and Alysa Shea, Facebook.


4. The Imposter

Picturehouse Entertainment

Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

Summary: In 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappeared from his hometown in Texas. Three years later, he apparently reappeared in Spain and was flown home to his family in Texas, who were convinced they had found their missing son – but it wasn't Nicholas.

Suggested by isabelaf462e5f1a8 and algal71395.

5. Who Took Johnny?


Watch on: Netflix US, UK, Canada, and more

Summary: In 1982, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch was kidnapped during his morning paper route. Johnny has never been found, but his mother, Noreen, maintains that he is still alive and in hiding from his kidnappers. Who Took Johnny documents Noreen's fight for justice for Johnny, and the issues with the police department who dealt with the case.

Suggested by georgiar4d4db3633 and Sarah Watts Wisniewski, Facebook.

6. Deliver Us From Evil


Watch on: Netflix UK and Ireland

Summary: This Academy Award-nominated documentary focuses on the life of Irish Catholic priest Oliver O'Grady, who was convicted of sexually abusing children in Northern California between the late '70s and early '90s. It includes interviews with O'Grady himself, as well as activists, psychologists, and lawyers who claim the church knew about his crimes and attempted to conceal them.

Suggested by Alan Bray, Facebook.

7. The Fear of 13


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

Summary: The Fear of 13 tells the story of death-row inmate Nick Yarris, who educated himself during the 21 years he spent in prison for murder. The documentary shows Yarris alone, talking about his own life, arrest, and time in prison.

Suggested by morganm4a4193aab.


8. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Oscilloscope Laboratories

Watch on: Netflix US

Summary: Created by Kurt Kuenne, Dear Zachary tells the story of his friend Andrew Bagby, who was murdered by his ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner after he ended their relationship. Shortly after his death, Turner announced that she was pregnant with his son. The documentary is a sort of scrapbook of Bagby's life, created so his son could get to know him – and if you watch it, make sure you have tissues ready.

Suggested by dorothye47fe6903a and vicijohnsonk.

9. Making a Murderer


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: In 1985, Wisconsin man Stephen Avery was convicted of sexual assault – despite having an alibi. He was exonerated after 18 years in prison when DNA evidence proved his innocence, but just two short years later he was arrested again, this time for the murder of Theresa Halbach. Avery maintains that he and his nephew were framed for murder by the Manitowoc County police department. Netflix's 10-part series documents the issues surrounding his trial and conviction.

Suggested by ellaross and katyaalexandrad.

10. Tabloid

Sundance Selects

Watch on: Netflix US, UK, and more

Summary: In 1977, Joyce McKinney travelled to England and kidnapped and assaulted Kirk Anderson, a Mormon missionary whom McKinney claimed was in love with her and was "brainwashed" by the Mormon church to end their relationship. The filmmakers interview McKinney about her relationship to her victim, as well as her trial and attempted escape from the British authorities.

Suggested by lindah5 and nicholea41d5e4941.

11. The Witness


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: Created by her brother, Bill Genovese, The Witness tells the story of Kitty Genovese, who was murdered outside her apartment in New York in 1964. The case began psychological research into the "bystander effect" after a New York Times article reported that out of the almost 40 witnesses to her murder, nobody attempted to intervene.

Suggested by lyndseyl4f78c35df and Leah Hainline, Facebook.


12. The Hunting Ground

The Weinstein Company

Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: This documentary focuses on the disturbing epidemic of on-campus sexual assault across the United States. Told through interviews with both men and women who have been the victims of sexual assault on campus, The Hunting Ground is an incredibly important watch for everyone.

Suggested by brookeb624 and rorourboat.

13. Killer Legends

Gravitas Ventures

Watch on: Netflix US and Canada

Summary: Filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills investigate the real-life stories behind four of our most infamous urban legends – which is particularly timely if you're terrified by the current creepy clown craze.

Suggested by mjb7 and briannag42f04adfe.

14. Holy Hell


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: Filmmaker Will Allen documents the story of his 22 years as part of the Buddhafield cult in California. The film includes interviews with members of the group, as well as footage shot during the time Allen was involved in the cult.

Suggested by e45d67d8d3 and Jane Cronkhite, Facebook.

15. Inside the American Mob

National Geographic Channel

Watch on: Netflix US, Mexico, Brazil, and more

Summary: This documentary details the story of the American mob from around the '60s to the '90s, and includes interviews with ex-members, FBI agents, and prosecutors. It's particularly fascinating if you're interested in the complex web of New York's "five families".

Suggested by kaylac4237d002e and connerk4001d1c0c.


16. Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine

Run Rabbit Run Media

Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: In 1998, Matthew Shepard was murdered by two men who beat and tortured him, reportedly because he was gay. The case drew a lot of attention to hate-crime legislation in the USA, but this documentary – made by one of his friends – focuses on memorialising the man who was killed.

Suggested by janeygraced.

17. Cropsey

Breaking Glass Pictures

Watch on: Netflix UK and Canada

Summary: From the same people who made Killer Legends, Cropsey investigates the real story behind the New York urban legend of the same name, and focuses on Andre Rand, a convicted kidnapper from Staten Island.

Suggested by Kristi Carlson and Carrie Klemm, Facebook.

18. Talhotblond


Watch on: Netflix US, UK, and more

Summary: Two men, who knew each other from work, were both chatting online with an 18-year-old girl known only as "Jessi". Eventually, the situation escalated and one of the men murdered the other due to jealousy – and then it was revealed that "Jessi" was, in fact, a woman named Mary Shieler, who had been using her daughter's name and photos online.

Suggested by k43ca9822d and Nathan Burrow, Facebook.

19. 13th


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

Summary: Directed by Ava DuVernay, 13th is a detailed look at the justice system in the United States, particularly focusing on racial discrimination in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Suggested by kinziemalissam and Chris Saturia, Facebook.

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