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Here's A Side-By-Side Comparison Of The Old "Beauty And The Beast" Vs. The New One

Spoiler: It's perfect.

So, today Disney released the final trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and it will take your breath away:

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This trailer is the most in-depth one yet, so in anticipation of the movie's release in March, we decided to take a look at how it compares to the beloved 1991 animated version... 🌹✨

First, we have Belle (played by Emma Watson), in the iconic blue and white dress, leaving her house to go into town.

She walks into town reading, because duh, she's Belle.

We get to see a little bit more of Luke Evans as Gaston, doing what Gaston does best: looking at himself in the mirror.

Some of the shots are almost identical to the animated version, like this one of Belle attempting to rescue her father from the Beast's castle.

And the trailer includes some characters we haven't seen much of so far, like Lumière.

And Josh Gad as Le Fou.

The two films are incredibly similar – even down to the little details, like this trick Chip does upon first meeting Belle.

Even the big musical numbers have been recreated perfectly.

It's unbelievably accurate, even down to the costumes.

And, of course, the iconic ballroom scene is perfect.

One thing's for sure: 17 March can't come fast enough. ✨