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    Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Challenged To A Rap Battle And Talked About Harry Potter

    There's a million things he hasn't done. But now he's done this.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda is pretty damn incredible at rapping, which we all know because he's the creator of the world's greatest hip-hop musical about the life of the first US treasury secretary, Hamilton.

    So when he appeared on the Tonight Show on Tuesday to talk all things Hamilton and SNL, of course Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a rap battle.

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    In a recurring segment known as "Wheel of Freestyle", Lin was challenged to freestyle a rap that included three phrases. This was his first challenge:

    NBC /

    Robot. Corn maze. Harry Potter.

    Things got pretty nerdy pretty quickly.

    NBC /

    He then was given his second challenge: Pop Tart. Unicorn. Election Day.

    NBC /

    Does this mean that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a brony??

    NBC /

    And then this happened. Oh, Lin.

    NBC /


    I blacked out during Wheel of Freestyle and well, you'll see

    You may have blacked out, but you still killed it.

    NBC /

    Watch the whole impressive thing here.

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